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Teenager Download Package

Teenager Download Package

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This package includes the Positive Discipline for Teenagers E-Book, Empowering Teenagers MP3 Lecture and the Positive Discipline Parenting Tool Cards PDF Download.

Adolescence is often a time of great stress and turmoil not only for kids going through it, but for you, their parents as well. During the teen years, kids aggressively begin to explore a new sense of freedom, which often leads to feelings of resentment and powerlessness for parents who increasingly are excluded from their children's lives. This revised edition of Positive Discipline for Teenagers shows you how to break the destructive cycle of guilt and blame and work toward greater understanding and communication with your adolescents. Inside, you'll:

  • Find out how to encourage your teen and yourself
  • Grow to understand how your teen still needs you, but in different ways
  • Learn how to get to know who your teen really is
  • Discover how to develop sound judgment without being judgmental
  • Learn how to use follow-through the only surefire way to get chores done


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