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Positive Discipline the First Three Years (Revised and Updated)
Positive Discipline the First Three Years (Revised and Updated)
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The months leading up to the birth of a child are filed with joy, dreams, plans and a few worries. As a caring parent, you want to start your child out in life on the proper foundation. But where do you go for the answers to such questions as:

How do I communicate with an infant who doesn't understand words? How can I effectively teach boundaries to my toddler? Should I ever spank my child?

Over the years, millions of parents just like you have come to trust Jane Nelsen's classic Positive Discipline series. These books offer a commonsense approach to child-rearing that so often is lacking in today's world. In Positive Discipline: The First Three Years, you'll learn how to use kind but firm support to raise a child who is both capable and confident. You'll find practical solutions and solid advice on how to:

  • Encourage independence and exploration while providing appropriate boundaries
  • Use non-punitive methods to instill valuable social skills and positive behavior inside and outside the home
  • Recognize when your child is ready to master the challenges of sleeping, eating, and potty training, and how to avoid the power struggles that often come with those lessons
  • Identify your child's temperament
  • Understand what the latest research in brain development tells us about raising healthy children
  • And much, much more!
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Good things not to forget!
  This is a great tool with some really good information for parents. Much of the information is good, common sense, but I think it's easy to forget when you're in the middle of dealing with toddler behaviour. I have some of the lines running through my head now as I approach situations. Thank you.
  Reviewed by:  chelle from Niagara Falls, ON. on 8/28/2011
Highly recommend
  Our son's 2nd grade school teacher recommended these books to us and wow were we doing things completely wrong. This information is FOR EVERY parent and teacher. We still have a lot to work on however one step at a time. Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Kay from San Diego, Ca. on 12/28/2014
Montessori Teacher
  This book is so helpful for the parents of my students who range in age from eighteen months to 3 1/2 years of age. As a teacher for over 30 years, I have found the Positive Discipline approach the most helpful philosophy in guiding parents towards raising children who are capapble, confident and independent. Very much in keeping with the Montessori philosophy. Highly recommend!
  Reviewed by:  Terese from Novato. on 8/13/2013
Good book
  This book has some great ideas on how to build the foundations for discipline. I do question the validity of having a child sleep alone. I liked that the book mentions co-sleeping and that you should look for more information on it.
  Reviewed by:  James from Minnesota. on 9/26/2011
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