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Positive Discipline Parents Workbook E-Book Download (PDF File)
Positive Discipline Parents Workbook E-Book Download (PDF File)
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For years we have wanted to create a Positive Discipline Workbook. However, I did not want it to be a boring, fill in the blanks workbook. Then I discovered Diane Durands illustrations and felt inspired to finish the project in a different way.

Each lesson in this Positive Discipline Workbook is filled with illustrations to capture your interest and tell the Positive Discipline story better than words alone. Experiential activities and parenting tools are included in each lesson. In the first lesson you will learn what to do when your child wont listen. You'll also learn what happens when your buttons are pushed.

The Positive Discipline Workbook book can be used for self-study. Or, you may want to invite friends for a parenting party and learn together. Each lesson includes an outline that can be used for a two-hour presentation that includes experiential activities. The workbook is designed to be used with the Positive Discipline Book and the Positive Discipline Tool Cards, or it can stand alone.

Workbook Topics Include:

Lesson One
What Do You Want for your Children?

Lesson Two
What is Positive Discipline?
Kind AND Firm
Positive Time Out

Lesson Three
Sibling Rivalry
Belief Behind the Behavior
Mistaken Goal Chart

Lesson Four
Routine Charts

Lesson Five
Connection Before Correction
Natural and Logical Consequences
Focusing on Solutions through Family Meetings
Wheels of Choice

Lesson SIX
What is My Part? (Lifestyle Priorities)
Mistakes as Opportunities to Learn
Empowering Vs Enabling

 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
from an Adlerian Psychotherapist
  I use PD in my family sessions and love the ease of this format. The kids find it humorous that their parents will be using this format and utter "this is too good to be true!". As Adler once said, everything can be different! Thank you Jane!
  Reviewed by:  Carla Anton from Minnesota. on 3/3/2015
  I am from Beijing, China. I am going to start a PD group of 7 in May. So I was working on translation it to Chinese. I have learned a lot throught traslation. I'd love to purchase other PD products in the near future.
  Reviewed by:  Gerile from Beijing,China. on 5/5/2013
different age groups
  We have a two year old and as much as we enjoy this workbook, a lot of it doesn't apply to her age group. This seems to be broad or applies to older ages. I wish there were different versions for age groups. There are versions of the actual book for different age groups, so we are having to use the birth to three version of the book for our learning.
  Reviewed by:  Shawn Parker from Gonzales, LA. on 3/24/2013
Great resource!
  I am a parent educator in Washington state and this workbook is great! Lots of parents have good intentions about buying and reading the PD book, but get bogged down by life. This workbook has lots of pictures, activities and covers the main ideas of the book. In fact, once you open it, it's hard not to keep reading. I love it.
  Reviewed by:  Lisa from snohomish. on 2/9/2013
Positive Discipline workbook
  This is a great workbook do you offer this workbook in spanish. We would like to share this information with out spanish speaking parents.
  Reviewed by:  Elizabeth Luna from Bradley Elementary. on 9/28/2011
Positive Discipline Workbook - Chapter One
  A big applause to you Jane for your superb writeup on the first chapter of your PD Workbook. I find the illustrations very catchy, bright and appropriate. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the activities are thought provoking. Many examples are given to differentiate between telling and asking - a skill that needs a lot practice. The hidden message here is that parenting is not just for mothers but also for fathers!
  Reviewed by:  Noran from Malaysia. on 12/28/2010
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