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Teaching Parenting DVD Facilitator Training - Complete Package
Become a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator
Teaching Parenting DVD Facilitator Training - Complete Package
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Training Package Options:

Option One: Order TPDVD01 on this page.
Receive Physical Copies of Materials with Physical DVDs.

Receive Physical Copies of Materials and access to Online Streaming Videos.
($25 Savings)

Option Three: Click Here for E-TPDVD01 (All electronic delivery)
Download Copies of Materials and Online Streaming Videos.
($45 Savings) E-TPDVD01 is ideal if you live in a foreign country and would like to save the international shipping charges and duties.

Group Training Option: If two or more people wish to take the DVD Training together, you may share the DVDs. One person would need to purchase the complete package (on this page) and the other people would need to purchase Training Package #4. Everyone will receive a certificate upon completion.

Save airfare and hotel costs when you can't find a live training near you--and enjoy the workshop in the comfort of your own home. Find a friend and do the workshop together.

For many years we have wondered how we could provide training for people who are unable to attend our live 2-day workshops. The DVD training includes experiential activities so you can at least watch others participating in the activities and learning to teach the activities. Then you can practice the activities with friends or a “practice group.”

Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott have completed a DVD training that includes 6 1/2 hours filmed at a live training and requires about 5 1/2 hours of homework to practice the skills in order to receive a certificate as a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. At the end of this training, you will be ready to lead parenting classes and/or improve your skills as a parent educator regardless of the setting in which you work (counseling office, pre-school, etc.)

CE Credit Information

Course meets qualifications for 13 hrs. Continuing Education credit for MFCCs and LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Provider Number: PCE 3902.

This program is co-sponsored by the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP). NASAP is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists.

Positive Discipline has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. ACEP No. 6723. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Positive Discipline Association is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

The cost of the training is $295.00 and you can watch it over and over. It includes the following materials:
• 5 DVDS
• A Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way manual
• 5 DVDs and Training Guide manual
• A Positive Discipline book
• The Positive Discipline Tool Cards
• The Positive Discipline Workbook
• Certificate upon completion

A Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator certificate will be awarded to you once the Answer Sheet is completed in a Word.doc/docx format so we can turn on track changes to give you feedback. The work involved to complete the answer sheet (14 questions) takes about 5 1/2 hours above and beyond watching the DVD’s because it includes practicing some of the experiential activities and the Parents Helping Parents Problem-Solving Steps with friends.

A hallmark of the Positive Discipline workshops (and classes) is experiential activities. Role-playing is the most profound way to learn, not only in your head, but also in your heart and gut. Participating in experiential activities and role-playing is the best way to “get into the child’s world” to understand what children are thinking, feeling, and deciding in response to the discipline methods used with them. How else can we really understand the long-term effects of discipline methods? Even parents who initially resist role-playing soon discover how much more they learn when they participate (or at least watch others role-playing). They soon give up their resistance and enjoy the fun and deep learning from experiential activities.

Another hallmark of Positive Discipline workshops is how much participants learn from each other. You will learn how to avoid long lectures and invite participants to share what they are learning from “getting into the child’s world” through the experiential activities. The insights they share with each other is much more meaningful and heartfelt than any lectures they could hear from “experts.”

Another great hallmark of Positive Discipline parenting classes that you will learn is the Parents Helping Parents Problem-Solving-Steps. During each parenting class, a volunteer parent shares a specific challenge with a child and you, the facilitator, lead the parent through a 14 step process that includes role-playing to “get into the child’s world,” and involves the whole group to brainstorm for solutions. This is very empowering to everyone one. The volunteer then chooses one suggestion and role-plays practicing it, or being the child to experience what the suggestion “feels” like to the child. This soon becomes the favorite part of every parenting class where all the Positive Discipline tools come together for practical application for “real” challenges.

The disadvantage is that video training cannot provide the same energy as participating in a live workshop.

The advantages are:
  • Videos you can watch over and over. (If you give the videos your full attention, and practice with friends, you can come close to "being there.")
  • Can do on your own time schedule (especially beneficial for people with small children or a busy schedule)
  • Save travel expenses (airfare, hotel, food) if you can't find training near you.
  • Money back guarantee if not satisfied.
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Learning from the Experts
  The training DVDs, manual, book, cards, and workbook are incredible tools! I LOVED this training and it was amazing to learn from the experts. The chemistry between you two and the group was engaging and motivating. I have watched some of the DVDS twice or three times and my husband even enjoyed watching them with me. The manual is straight forward and concise. I'm really excited to start my PD Parenting Class. Thanks for giving me all the tools necessary to prepare me for this journey!
  Reviewed by:  Morgan from Columbus, Ohio. on 3/28/2015
Montessori Directress
  Thank you for providing me this training while living in Manila. A fantastic substitute! I love being able to review the DVDs. As an educator, I’ve always wanted to be able to reach the parents in a way that gives them practical skills and helps them understand their children in a way that brings about a more positive relationship. Thanks again for offering such a powerful tool to those of us living at a distance!
  Reviewed by:  Amy Cupic from Manila, Philippines. on 3/28/2015
Practical, Helpful, Positive - Thank you!
  Thank you so much for offering the Positive Discipline Parent Educator Training in DVD form. I was able to go through it gradually while I practiced what I was learning with real, live parents who I didn't know before the training. I learned so much about myself - mostly that I am extremely passionate about facilitating and I love, love, love how the activities are engaging and experiential. Thank you again for offering helpful insights, activities and skills for parents.
  Reviewed by:  Amy Phoenix from Michigan. on 9/24/2014
Educational Consultant
  Excellent program! I am so very happy I decided to complete this training. It has been an eye opening, rewarding, empowering journey and I can't wait to start leading parenting groups! Thank you so much Jane and Lynn, for creating the DVD training!
  Reviewed by:  Alissa from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. on 6/30/2014
Children's Services Specialist
  I think that this product is great. I am excited to be training on it and getting ready to teach it to others. It was very easy to follow and learn from and a great refresher as a parent already. Thanks.
  Reviewed by:  Wendy Spetman from Omaha, NE. on 3/17/2014
  Thank you for coming up with such a product! It really helps me a lot! Saves me from a lot of stress too. I also would like to appreciate you both for coming out with this DVD idea of training. It really helps me especially I am not able to take the course outside home. I thank you for that! I look forward for more DVD training like this. Thanks again! This DVD made me a better person and I am more confident than before!
  Reviewed by:  Selvasumathi Namokarean from Santa Clara, CA. on 1/3/2014
PD Training
  Thank you so much for having this training on DVDs. although I would love to be at one of the two day training, it was not offered in Pasadena Ca.. I'm just getting started, I watched and took notes of the 1st two DVDs, and planning on finishing it over the Christmas break. I would recommend this training to teachers, coaches, MFTs, MSWs and all who work with families and children. Great program:))
  Reviewed by:  Alice Kevork from Pasadena California. on 12/28/2013
  ...just getting started...love it so far.
  Reviewed by:  Catherine Johnson from Michigan. on 10/5/2013
PD Teaching Parenting DVD Facilitator Training
  DVD training at my own pace: could pause the video as needed (I could not take 2 days off work -doing this at home made this available to me) – could repeat scenes (as needed) • Loved the experiential activities– so effective so much to learn from them • Understanding me /reflecting on my behavior and how it affects others (top card) • Having a process to follow step by step (I didn’t have to figure it all out just follow the directions and watch/learn from the results)
  Reviewed by:  Shary Adams from New Mexico. on 9/19/2013
  estoy muy interesada en comprar el entrenamiento , pero mi consulta es la siguiente si tienen el paquete traducido en español
  Reviewed by:  maria alejandra from chile. on 8/30/2013